Infineon announced the sale of part of the DC-DC converter business
Release time:2023-01-13
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      International Electronic Business Information learned from Infineon's official website on the 11th that Infineon announced that it had reached a final agreement on the sale of Infineon's HiRel DC-DC converter business to Micross, including its hybrid and customized on-board power products.

      Infineon said in the press release that the sale will enable Infineon to expand its focus and investment on the development of core semiconductors in the high reliability market, and will no longer emphasize the need to provide more customized products for the high reliability industry.

      The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

      It is understood that HiRel DC-DC converter business is a solution to provide high reliability DC-DC power conversion for the worst environment including outer space. It will be operated under the business department of Micross Hi-Rel Products, including main power converter, control circuit, filter and housing.

      In December last year, Infineon announced to optimize the DC-DC design. The company will successively launch a new generation of DC-DC power supply solutions to help customers build low energy consumption and high performance data centers.

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