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Jurmay Technology is an international brand electronic components distributor headquartered in Shenzhen, China, committed to providing high-end manufacturing industries in China with
We are dedicated to providing complete solutions of electronic components including connectors, relays, switches, fuses, silicon carbide diodes, etc. to the high-end manufacturing industry in China.
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Release of the 2023 White Paper on the Development of China's New Energy Storage Industry (Abstract Edition)
2023 White Paper on the Development of China's New Energy Storage Industry
Notice on the May Day Labor Day holiday in 2023
Salute to the most beautiful worker!
IGBT supply is in short supply, and OEM prices are soaring
Currently, the semiconductor cycle is declining, and multiple segments of the semiconductor industry chain are clearly entering the inventory adjustment cycle. However, driven by the significant increase in demand for the two mainstream applications of electric vehicles and solar photovoltaic, IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) has recently experienced a significant shortage. Not only has the price increased continuously, but the industry has described the shortage as "not a matter of how high the price is, but simply not being able to buy".
Top 10 companies in China's power discrete device industry in 2022
Xinmou Research comprehensively investigated the major power discrete device manufacturers at home and abroad, including 26 companies in Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan, China, China, and 37 companies in Chinese Mainland. It made a thorough analysis and calculation of the relevant revenue and market share of each company according to the type of power discrete device, and also made a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and prediction of the global and Chinese power discrete device industry and the market trend of each subdivided power discrete device. In March 2023, Simo Research released the blockbuster annual market research report: "Annual Report 2023 on China's Power Discrete Device Market". The following is a brief introduction to the main contents of the report.
The golden window of auto MCU is closing. Who can break out first?
The consumer electronics, industry, automobile and communication sectors have jointly supported a large part of the semiconductor industry. However, due to the impact of the economic cycle, almost only the new energy market remains in the terminal market of semiconductors, especially the new energy automobile industry.
Application trend of SiC in electric vehicles
Driven by the electrification of automobiles, power electronic devices can be described as rising both in quantity and price. The development of power electronic devices has gone through the first stage with thyristor as the core and the second stage with MOSFET and IGBT as the representative. Now it is entering a new development stage with wide band gap semiconductor devices as the core. The new generation of power electronic devices is also promoting the development of MOSFET and IGBT, which also drives the growing popularity of wide band gap semiconductors such as SiC and GaN. Electric vehicles have become the core application scenario of SiC. Therefore, we will focus on electric vehicles and discuss the application trend of SiC in electric vehicles with you.
Official announcement: Infineon sells HiRel DC-DC converter business
On the 8th of the International Electronic Business News, Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it had reached a final agreement with Micross Components ("Micross") to sell Infineon's HiRel DC-DC converter business, including hybrid and customized on-board power products, to Micross.
Key words at the beginning of 2023: layoff, change of command, chat robot ChatGPT
Looking back on January, what we feel most is that the layoffs of large companies in Europe and the United States have caused many people to collapse. At the same time, many executives at the CEO, president and other levels of multinational enterprises also announced that they would be replaced. The pressure of performance and the grasp of future development direction forced the company to make greater changes. The transfer of enterprise supply chain has also been a hot topic for several years.
Two ministries and commissions: support Shenzhen to establish a market-oriented international trading center for electronic components and integrated circuits
The Opinions pointed out that Shenzhen should be supported to optimize the layout of similar trading venues, establish a market-oriented international trading center for electronic components and integrated circuits, create a new market access platform for electronic components and integrated circuit enterprises and products, and promote the convergence and cluster development of upstream and downstream supply chains and industrial chains.
New Year's Journey
On January 29, 2023 (the eighth day of the first month), we officially went to work!
Review the 2022 ahead and look forward to the 2023 ahead
Looking back on 2022 There is hope, pride and emotion..... For loss, for gain, for possession...... Unique experience and memory cannot be copied Harvest and growth are also precious
The new HPC series continues to help the battery energy storage system
TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "TE") launched HPC series products, focusing on providing high-security and high-reliability solutions for battery energy storage system (BESS) with single-pole 200A/1500V high-current connectors.
Development strategy of integrated circuit and cognition of internal and external environment
In recent years, the integrated circuit industry has been in the forefront of the wind and attracted much attention. At the just concluded 2022 ICS Integrated Circuit Summit, Professor Wei Shaojun, Mr. Li Ke and other industry experts gave their views. With facts and data, it is shown that the chip product innovation can be realized on the mature integrated circuit process and EDA tools without the most advanced process. The pursuit of energy efficiency can achieve product innovation features. When it comes to unilateral decoupling in the United States, it means that we do not want to decouple, and there will be semi decoupling. The United States should ensure that it is ahead of China's second-generation semiconductor technology. In 2023, they will increase their containment of China, not slow it down, but strengthen it. According to the views of experts, this article looks at the IC development strategy and internal and external environment cognition from four aspects: mature technology innovation, supply chain security, talent shortage, and semi decoupling strategy development.
Future robots help the development of various industries
Nowadays, our life is full of robots everywhere. More and more industries use robots to liberate people. Robots are changing the world. However, robots still face various challenges in terms of intelligence and actual deployment. For this reason, NVIDIA has launched Isaac Sim robot simulation tool, which can build and test virtual robots in various lifelike environments, and will be ready for the coming robot era.
Notice of Jurmay Technology on the 2023 Spring Festival Holiday
Dear customers Hello! Celebrate the festival, welcome the Year of the Rabbit, weather together, and be grateful! As the year 2023 is approaching, I wish you a happy New Year, a happy family, and a prosperous year of the rabbit!
TE Connectivity opened the first global medical equipment prototype design center
Propelus Prototype Center has excellent engineering design capabilities, which can speed up the launch of life-saving devices and medical devices that improve life.
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